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Manufacturer Services

Promote Your Product with Coupons

Our coupon clearinghouse service will help you effectively use coupons to promote your product to the consumer. With our nearly 40 years of experience in the coupon industry, we understand your coupon requirements, regardless of your business size. We listen to your needs and objectives and will provide you with a coupon program tailored to you.

Our contracts are flexible, whether you are a large or small manufacturer, with options including coupon design, coupon bar codes, coupon printing and coupon clearinghouse services.

We will provide you with all the necessary reports to help you manage your coupon program. Custom reports are provided at no extra charge.

The Benefits Of Using Atlantic Coupon Services

State of the Art Technology

Coupons are validated, verified and controls are put in place assuring you the finest quality and integrity. The technology we use is the very best and can make the difference in an effective coupon program.

Manufacturer Reports

Our customized Manufacturer Reports give you the detailed information you need to analyze the effectiveness of your coupon program and track your offer activities to maximize performance.

Order Processing/Fulfillment

Our Order Processing/Fulfillment program supports your consumer promotions with faster, more efficient processing, validation, and data collection with the finest integrity and quality controls.

For Accurate, Reliable Coupon Redemption…

Call us at 800-223-0398 and speak to one of our experienced Atlantic Coupon Service Advisors to get started today.